CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

CK EM Solution is established by Chokwang Paint, which has 70 years history in chemical and paint industry to provide the special solution in electrical/electronic material.

CK EM Solution guarantees the essential solution for secondary battery, semi-conductor, PCB, automatic driving car, drone and new growth power such as thermal radiation and electromagnetic shield or absorption.

Furthermore, to be a global company, CK EM Solution established and operated manufacturing corporations in USA(Georgia) and Europe (Hungary). We try to approach customers who needs the solution for electrical/electronic material all over the world in advance.

It would be grateful if you would join us with the hopeful future of CK EM Solution, which leaps forward as a international company with infinite passion.

CK EM Solution Co., Ltd CEO
  • Secondary Battery
  • Semiconductor
  • All Thermal Conductive/EMI Shield Coating